In today’s times, there is a thin line of difference between the dreams of students and their real world. The task of schools has thus become more challenging, no more emphasizing only on academic achievements but setting a Libran balance between academics and areas beyond academics. The ultimate aim is to help them excel in their fields of choice and support them in becoming successful responsible members of the society, willing to share and care.

THE BSS SCHOOL has always remained conscious about its role towards imparting holistic education and proved its motto “Commitment to Excellence” true, with its committed service to the young challengers of the future. With a rich cultural heritage of sixty four years, it has very well blended with it a liberal and progressive outlook to lift, support and extend a helping hand thus breaking the barriers of narrow conservatism and fettered superstitions.

Educating girls – to help them become confident, self supporting worthy individuals – is an aim, always at the helm of our idealistic belief of education. Hence our school has been the pioneer in introducing Technology enabled classrooms in the form of Smart classes and it has also been the first school in Eastern India to introduce the Technology equipped Maths Lab to enable the learning of Mathematics enjoyable for the senior classes. The English Language Lab along with School Cinema help the students become not only confident but also people of values.

Students are sufficiently equipped to meet the new-age challenges by way of exposing them to NIIT enabled Computer Curriculum as well as Arena Multimedia enabled Multimedia Curriculum which includes Flash, Adobe and Maya. UCMAS allows the children to be mentally active in their calculations and ICA supports the students by giving them classes in TALLY as well as Personality Development Classes.

We, as a school believe-

“Where the mind is without fear and
The head is held high;
Where Knowledge is free…. “

It is the united effort of our entire team, which includes our Management, our teachers, our staff and all associated with our school, that we are able to achieve our objective of education and can lead our students to that “heaven of freedom” where their minds are psychologically, socially, culturally and morally awake.

Thank You
Ms. S. Sen